Monday, October 25, 2010

Eric Pepin: The Leader

Eric Pepin is the spiritual Guru for the human consciousness by developing Multi-Dimensional Consciousness of one's self. I have met many people who told me many things about Eric Pepin and his idealogies. Some even told me about their stories of life how they got revived after joining the spiritual group of Eric. According to one of them, "When I first joined the Higher Balance Institute, I reallly didn't know what to think about my own life...I had no motivation in my life and I was just wandering between the different roles, but everything changed when I met Eric. He is more than a human being to me, not a philospher who believes in his ideas, but a Philospher who makes you believe in you".

After getting so many positive responses from different people, I have decided to look up more in his life and see what is there for me from the Leader himself.

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