Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Arousing our multidimensional conscious self

Multidimensional consciousness enables our inner self understand and relight its impending wakefulness beyond its corporal life form. We human beings are the supreme creations of God gifted with a mind empowered with superlative thoughtful ness. But in that path of self discovery we never realize our true potential to channelize our senses to new heights of refinement. There comes the necessity of a powerful source that would make us hear our inner calling.
We human beings are blessed with a multidimensional mind but we are largely unaware of that supreme quality. We can only judge in the third dimensional stratum which is well controlled by our physical senses like touching, tasting, smelling, sighting and hearing. Once our subconscious mind discovers its capacity to correlate within different levels of consciousness which are well above and below our physical existence, we attend the milestone of self discovery. As we get the power to dwell the unconscious, conscious and sub conscious dimensions, we gain more control over our lives. This certainly affects our outlook towards ourselves and fellow beings. We don’t have to go elsewhere in search of spiritual wisdom. That answer lies within us. That charismatic aura has the power to transform our whole existence into a spiritual discovery.

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